In addition to curating and hosting our own events, 5151Penn is also available for artists, curators, and event planners who have a solid vision of what they'd like to present, but just need the perfect space to do it in.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the gallery or how to submit a proposal.

Gallery Fees:

Gallery Show: $300 for a 3-4 week show
Event/Party Rental: $50/hr
Long-term Lease: negotiable

Gallery Show Guidelines:

Shows at 5151 Penn typically run from the first Friday of the Month until the last Friday of the month, to match up with the Penn Avenue Arts Unblurred activities.

The fee for a one month show is $300. Payment is required before the show will be scheduled and promoted. This fee includes:

  • Opening and closing receptions w/food and beverage
  • Marketing of your show by 5151Penn via newspaper events listings, online event listings, the gallery website, and the galllery email list.
  • Artist/curator access to the space to hold gallery hours or schedule appointments.

The gallery will receive a 40% commission on all sales made during the show.


  • Because of the wide range of requirements and expectations for the printing of postcard, posters, programs, and other formal printed materials, these details can be negotiated separately, outside of the base gallery fee, or can be handled by the artist/curator.
  • At the discretion of both the gallery and the artist/curator, complimentary events may be held in the space during the show (ex. readings, performances, etc.) in order to bring additional audiences to the show. Such events will only be held with the approval of all parties.

How to Submit a Proposal:

We definitely prefer email submissions (sent to submissions at 5151Penn dot com). They will be reviewed sooner and faster than anything physical sent to us.

Please do not send email with huge attachments. Either simply refer us to online locations with representative works, or use reduced size images or thumbnails when attaching them to email.

Our proposal process is fairly informal, but please make sure you're serious before submitting a proposal. Your initial proposal should include the following:

  • A clear explanation of the show concept and execution as well as a proposed title. Preference is definitely given to shows that are well thought out and are more substantial than just the individual pieces in the show.
  • A resume and/or personal statement for each person who will be involved in the show
  • Images of representative works along with a description of materials and dimensions.
  • When you would like to hold the show. You can review our calendar to get an idea of available dates.

If we need further details, we will contact you or arrange for a meeting to discuss the proposal. After the proposal has been reviewed/accepted and the gallery fee has been received, we will begin working with you to market and excute the show.

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For more information or to get involved, please send an email to shows at 5151penn.com
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