The title, Seeing Red, refers to the artists' unrest with contemporary issues as well as the common visual theme of the show: red and black. More than an exhibition or even a dialogue, Seeing Red is also a fundraiser, as all profits from poster sales benefit a charity of the designer's choice.

These limited edition posters have been printed by hand in a traditional form of printmaking called silkscreening. This method allows the printer to use two pure inks, making the red and black extremely rich and vibrant. All posters in this exhibit have been printed on archival quality paper. Posters are for sale at $200/poster in which you will not only be taking home an original piece of artwork, but helping to support these charities. Only 15 prints of each poster have been made.

November 3-27, 2006

ARTISTS FEATURED: Andrio Abero, Roland Adams, Barry Ament, Jesse Arneson, Anne Bush, Lindsay Clark, Chaz Maviyane-Davies, Fabian Diem, Neil Donnelly, Max Erdenberger, Milton Glaser, Kelly Gold, Kris Hamper, Jef Hartsel, Pegge Hopper, Kristen Hughes, Harmen Leimburg, Lure Design Inc., Megan McGinley, Scott Na'auao, Eric Knudtson, Oren Schlieman, Deborah Shmerler, Kaypee Soh, Todd St. John, Nancy Stentz, Michael Strassburger, Michael Sui, Chris Thomas, Bernard Uy, Larkin Werner, Brett Yasko, Sara Zeidenberg, and Julia Zimmerman.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, November 3, 7pm-11pm
Food/Beverages provided.

ARTIST MEET AND GREET: Thursday, November 16, 7pm-10pm

CLOSING RECEPTION: Monday, November 27, 7pm-11pm

Other viewings by appointment.

Seeing Red website      poster[pdf]      press release[pdf]

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Barry Arment Anne Bush Bernard Uy Brett Yasko Chaz Maviane Davies Eric Knudtson Fabian Diem Harmen Leimburg Jef Hartsell Jesse Arneson Julia Zimmerman Kaypee Soh Kelly Gold Kris Hamper Kristen Hughes Larkin Werner Lindsay Clark Jeff Matz Lure Design Inc. Megan McGinley/Max Erdenberger Michael Sui Milton Glaser Michael Strassburger Nancy Stentz Neil Donnelly Oren Schlieman Pegge Hopper Roland Adams Sara Zeidenberg Scott Na'auao Todd St. John Andrio Abero Chris Thomas
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